Why are we rebranding?

This year has been a tough year!
A year that really challenged me mentally as I attempted to juggle the bittersweet highs of being a first time mum welcoming our baby boy and navigating through the lows of losing my father.

After the birth of my son, I intended to give myself a month of maternity leave. But with the unexpected I chose to extend my leave in hope to stop, heal and be the most present mama to our son; possibly to replicate and give the connection I had with my dad.

In this extended time of reflection I came to question two things repeatedly:
1. How will I make my father proud?
2. How will I make my son proud?

After so much consideration and manifesting, this overhaul and rebrand of Faithfully Coko has given me a new sense of hope and beginning that I am beyond excited for! A rebrand that will be my own life legacy - a direct representation of everything I, myself can be proud of, believe in and resonate with as a whole to the very last detail.

Most importantly, I want to thank you all for your continued and never ending support.

x Constance