ABOUT : It's all in the details. A minimalist approach to kindle stylish and classic pieces - Faithfully Coko explores various textures and mediums intended to gift or style a moment that forms a fond and everlasting memory. Each product and order is curated with simplicity; celebrating special occasions, milestones and weddings through the simplest of details created in our very own studio with careful consideration from start to finish.

An indirect namesake named after Faithfully Coko creator Constance with the help of her now husband, Jeremy. You can say that their team dynamic has transformed and strengthened over the 14 years that they have been together.

Constance has always had a creative flair with clear (right-brain dominant) vision and aesthetic. This venture mixes her background in fashion design and technology and role in a e-commerce (as well as brick and mortar) powerhouse, Australian company. The skills and knowledge gained in both environments are a combination of what you will see throughout Faithfully Coko as the brand and business evolves. As a previous D.I.Y bride, it was only fitting to create this platform to showcase all of the details that can be produced. 

Niche? Although hard to pinpoint, hopefully we can convey our vision in all areas of our website and social media platforms (@faithfullycoko); in which you can identify our preferred muted tones, lines, colours and textures portrayed in it's minimalism developed to perfection.